EUCPN Newsletter December 2015

This is the EUCPN Newsletter of December 2015.


Research and publications

  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Special Eurobarometer 423: Cyber security and Europeans’ attitudes 
  • BELGIUM: Children as social network actors: A European legal perspective on challenges concerning membership, rights, conduct and liability, 
    Bullying and sexting in social networks: Protecting minors from criminal acts or empowering minors to cope with risky behaviour?
  • EUROPEAN UNION AGENCY FOR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS (FRA): Surveillance by intelligence services: fundamental rights safeguards and remedies in the European Union
  • EUROPOL: 10 common sense tips to avoid becoming a fraud victim; 
    Crime prevention advice;
    Internet organised crime threat assessment (IOCTA)
  • INTERPOL: Crimes against children; 
    International centre for the prevention of crime
  • LATVIA: Simplification of less serious crime investigation aimed to balance public danger, harm caused by crime and consumption of resources for investigation
  • NETHERLANDS: Final report EU Study Administrative Approaches to crime
  • UNICRI: Towards an international strategy to combat illicit trafficking in precious metals - A meeting at UNICRI with key stakeholders
  • EUROPEAN MIGRATION NETWORK: (EMN) A study on smuggling of migrants: Characteristics, responses and cooperation with third countries

Member States' good practices

  • SPAIN: Spanish National Police promotes awareness and prevention campaign on the dangers of the Internet and cybercrime
  • SLOVAKIA: superzá; 
    Modern-day slaves; 
  • IRELAND: Garda Síochána (Irish Police Force) Theft Stop Initiative

Upcoming events

  • EU Conference on the administrative approach to prevent and tackle crime