EUCPN Newsletter February 2016

This is the EUCPN Newsletter of February 2016.



New products EUCPN

  • Multiannual strategy 2016-2020
  • Final report Multiannual strategy 2011-2015
  • EUCPN Twitter
  • Work program 2016

Research and publications

  • THE NETHERLANDS AND BELGIUM: The Effectiveness of an Intervention to Promote Awareness and Reduce Online Risk Behavior in Early Adolescence
  • DENMARK: Conceptions, concerns and behaviour of the Danish people in relation to criminality
  • EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Security and Justice;
    Implementing the European Agenda on Security: EU action plan against illicit trafficking in and use of firearms and explosives
  • EUROPOL: European Counter Terrorism Centre;
    The THB Financial Business Model
  • CEPOL: New CEPOL Regulation Published on the Official Journal of the European Union; 
  • European Union Agency for fundamental rights (FRA): Violence against children with disabilities: legislation, policies and programmes in the EU.
  • International centre for the prevention of crime (ICPC): 100 Promising Practices on Safer Cities; International Comparative Study on Prevention of Radicalisation
  • INSAFE:Safer Internet Day
  • TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL: Corruption Perceptions Index 2015; 
    Together Against Corruption: Transparency International Strategy 2020.
  • AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF CRIMINOLOGY: Sexting Among Young People: Perceptions and Practices

Member States' good practices

  • PHISHING INITIATIVE EU-PI: a European Union anti-Phishing Initiative
  • Belgium: Peer 2 Peer: Challenging Extremism
  • FRANCE: Respect Zone
  • SPAIN: Spain as model of "good practices" and "safer procedure" in process of distance selling sporting weapons by European institutions

Member States' policies

  • GREECE: The Protection of Whistleblowers in Greece

Upcoming events