EUCPN Newsletter July 2015

This is the EUCPN newsletter of July 2015.


New products EUCPN

  • Toolbox 6 - Trafficking in human beings within the EU policies & practices

Research and publications

  • BELGIUM: Manual & Toolbox ISEC-project 2013-2015 Genk - Administrative approach to organized crime
  • LATVIA: Research on police officers and candidates for police work attitude towards domestic violence
  • EUROPOL: Mandate of joint Cybercrime action Taskforce extended after successful first six months;
    US Authorities & Europol focus on combating the abuse of virtual currencies
  • EUROPEAN UNION AGENCY FOR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS (FRA): Violence against women survey – dataset released;
    Severe forms of labour exploitation
  • THE TRENDS AND ISSUES IN CRIME AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE (Australian institute of criminology): Database of Victimization Experiences

Member States’ policies

  • BELGIUM: Belgian Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation
  • ESTONIA: New strategy for Preventing Violence for 2015-2020;
    New Development Plan for security for the years 2015-2020

Member States’ good practices

  • LATVIA: The HESTIA Project
  • SPAIN: Comprehensive care of victims of terrorism in Spain
  • GERMANY: “victim protection” and outpatient services
  • BULGARIA: Bulgarian educational project on protecting children;
    Cyber Scout Programme for Safer use of the Internet
  • FRANCE: Campaign in France on Improving Relations Between Young People and Public Services

Upcoming events