EUCPN Newsletter June 2013

EUCPN Newsletter June 2013


Feedback on attended events

  • 5th annual Adriatic City Security Conference (SIGG) (21-22 March 2013, Croatia)
  • 7th Annual International Forum (AIF) within the 18th German Congress on Crime Prevention
  • 4th Meeting of the Informal Network on Administrative Approach (23 May 2013, Belgium)
  • Stockholm Criminology Symposium (SCS) (10-12 June 2013, Sweden)

Research and publications

  • Urban Manager for Security, Safety and Crisis Management (URBIS) project
  • European Journal of Criminology - May 2013 Edition
  • Restorative Justice: An international Journal
  • Youth deviance and youth violence – Findings from a European Study on juvenile delinquency and its prevention – Görgen, T., Kraus, B., Taefi, A., Bernuz Beneitez, M.J., Christiaens, J., Mesko, G., Perista, H. & Tóth, O
  • DENMARK Developments in juvenile delinquency 2001-2012, Systematic review of youth crime prevention interventions, Report on the level of male victimisation in domestic violence

Good Practices in Member States

  • IRELAND Project ‘Connect with Respect’ – promoting a safer place on the internet, Garda Youth Diversion Bicycle Project
  • LITHUANIA Project 'Strengthening of police capabilities aimed at prevention of juvenile delinquency'
  • ITALY Project 'Good to know'
  • SLOVAKIA The campaign “Do you know what your child is doing right now?”, Launch of national campagin "No hate speech“
  • UNITED KINGDOM 2Moro? Peer Education to reduce youth crime
  • ROMANIA Analysis of missing children cases recorded by police

Information from partners

  • Joint Europol-Eurojust Annual Report to the Council and Commission for 2012
  • CEPOL Annual Report 2012
  • European Drug Report 2013
  • The Beccaria-Portal: A directory and knowledge network in crime prevention and criminology worldwide

Upcoming events