EUCPN Newsletter June 2016

This is the EUCPN Newsletter of June 2016.



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New products EUCPN

  • Toolbox 7 - Preventing Secondary Victimization - policies & practices
  • EUCPN Thematic Paper no. 8 - Cybercrime - A theoretical overview of the growing digital threat
  • EUCPN Thematic Paper no. 9 - Trafficking in Illicit Firearms - a global and European overview

Research and publications

  • BELGIUM: Armed to kill - An exploratory analysis of the guns used in public mass shootings in Europe; 
    Guns for sale - The Belgian illicit gun market in a European perspective
  • THE NETHERLANDS:Frequent offender monitor 2016; 
    ‘Judicial explorations’: special issue published on Radicalization and terrorism
  • ESTONIA: Creating a Safe Country
  • BELGIUM: The effectiveness of youth crime prevention
  • SPAIN: Spain arrests 7 suspected of sending guns, bomb materials to ISIS

Member States' good practices

  • BULGARIA Junior Police Stations

Member States' policies

  • GERMANY: Violence prevention for young people
  • BULGARIA: Multiannual plan for implementation of the priorities and achieving the goals of the Council for Prevention of Crime 2016-2018

Upcoming events