EUCPN Newsletter March 2013

This is the EUCPN newsletter of March 2013.

Introduction to the theme of the present issue

  • Message from Doncha O’Sullivan, Chair of EUCPN

Research and publications

    European Crime Prevention Monitor 2012/2 - Public opinion and policy on crime prevention in Europe, EUCPN Toolbox Series No. 2 - Community (oriented) policing in Europe: Concepts, theory and practice, EUCPN Thematic Paper No. 3 - Community policing as a police strategy: effects and future outlook
  • BELGIUM Kick-off event research group Crime and Society, Pains of doing Criminological research - Kristel Beyens, Jenneke Christiaens, Bart Claes, Steven De Ridder, Hanne Tournel and Hilde Tube
  • DENMARK CARE - New Danish Centre for the Applied Research into effective programs for children and youth, The Danes’ attitude to police, punishment according to the European Social Survey (ESS), New research to measure the effect of training for parents of ADHD-children.

Good practices in Member States

  • IRELAND Ireland – Metal Theft Crime Prevention and Reduction
  • ITALY Observatory for Security against Discriminatory Acts (OSCAD), Prevention of and fight against crime, Identification and dissemination of European best practices about Restorative Justice and evaluation of the role and application of meditation and alternative measures in the EU member states
  • UNITED KINGDOM Reducing Reoffending and Young People in Custody
  • SPAIN The tablet with the 10 Commandments for a safe use of Christmas gadgets by kids, The National Police Force is leading an international campaign against cyberbullying
  • BELGIUM Safety and prevention functions in the public area, Communication: THE key to breaking... through to the citizen
  • CYPRUS  European Union handbook of best police practices on overcoming attrition in domestic violence cases

Member States' policies

  • SPAIN The Strategic Plan of the national police is transforming the force into a police corps 3.0

Upcoming events