Experience Helping Women Victims of Domestic Violence

This is a project aimed at providing psychological support and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence involving victim’s aid associations operating reception centres located in proximity to the victims. Specific procedures were put in place for the reception and treatment of victims, and the lodging centre takes in mothers and their children who are forced to leave their homes because of domestic violence. The purpose of the service is to open a new chapter, to allow mothers and their children to breath, and to break the cycle of violence and allow them to reflect on their future.

Support services are aimed at promoting social re-integration and personal rehabilitation with an approach that is geared toward providing an attentive ear, support, and follow-up for adults and children in a variety of vital areas which include legal support, schooling, lodging and counselling. The association has also developed a service for the reception and support of young victims of violence in order to provide these teenagers a means of expressing themselves about the violence to which they are subjected.


Ms. Liliane DALIGAND
President of the Board of Directors, university professor, public hospital doctor

Ms. Isabelle BOUCLON, Director

Ms. Marielle Thuau, marielle.thuau@justice.gouv.fr
Minister of Justice, access to law and justice service, Office for victim's aid and organizational policy


The project started in 1979 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.