“Face to Face – How to keep connected with yourself”

 “Face to Face – How to keep connected with yourself”


Carried out by the Seine-Saint-Denis department (local council), situated near Paris (France), the “Face to Face: How to Keep Connected with Yourself” project aims at giving young people practical tools to avoid being victim of cybercrime.

The originality of the project is that it is based on an interactive, user-friendly exhibition that includes a specifically designed social media called “Face to Face”. By navigating through the exhibition and the Face to Face social media, youngsters learn how to protect their identity, data and contact lists and to avoid common cyber threats such as sexting and bullying.

The project also includes the organisation of special events and debate-meetings with local practitioners and relevant institutions (education, social and youth welfare, judicial system).

The exhibition is located in the youth centre Tête à Tête, situated in one of the largest commercial malls of the Île de France region, in Rosny 2.


The Project started in October 2014 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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