ECPa medal bronze  ECPA 2021 (bullying and violence among minors) - Third place



FaceUp (Nenech to být) is a project that revolves around the peer element effect. Through the use of an online trust box, victims and bystanders (e.g. peers or parents) can anonymously raise their concerns regarding problematic interactions at school. The trust box is situated on a web-based platform or mobile app that are easy to use for all ages. The form includes information on the victim, such as their name, the name of the school and the class they attend. More detailed information can be added if the reporter wishes to do so. Thereafter the report is passed on to the responsible staff member (e.g. a school counsellor or psychologist) who will reach out to the student. This process allows for easy, quick and anonymous communication between students, teachers and parents regarding any issues in the school environment. Schools involved in the FaceUp project can also receive additional support materials and expert guidance in their effort to develop effective problem-solving solutions.

The project is ongoing since 2017.

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