Finland: Inclusive neighbourhood, work model to reduce harms associated with open drug scenes among particularly vulnerable victims

Inclusive neighbourhood is a systematic approach to increase effective communication and coordination of street work and policing, as well as the interaction between all people related to a neighbourhood (including professionals, social actors, residents, all people using the public space, including people who use drugs, entrepreneurs, NGO workers and authorities). This community-based work model aims to accommodate different kinds of people and their ways of using public spaces in a neighbourhood. In addition, the project implements an innovative approach for improving the situation of particularly vulnerable victims, namely women & young people, and lowering their threshold for reporting offences. The best practices guide for professionals and local society actors considers four perspectives: communication, community spirit, coordinated social and health outreach services with community policing, and an easy contact channel for the whole neighbourhood. The effectiveness of this approach comes from enabling the people related to the neighbourhood to participate.

The project started on 10 January 2022 and is still running.

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