Finnish policy on cybercrime

The aim of Finland’s national cyber security strategy is to respond to cyber threats, strengthen the overall security of society and ensure the smooth functioning of the cyber domain in all circumstances.The Strategy presents ten objectives that, when implemented, provide Finland with the capability nationally to control the intentional and unintentional adverse effects of the cyber domain as well as to respond to and recover from them.

1. In line with the Government decree on the tasks assigned to ministries matters, whichrelateto cyber security as a rule fall within the remit of the Government. Each ministry is inits sector responsible for preparing cyber security related matters and appropriate arrangementof administrative matters.

2. As cyber security is an essential part of the comprehensive security of society,the approachfor its implementation follows the principles and procedures established in the SecurityStrategy for Society.

3. Cyber security relies on the information security arrangements of the whole society. Cybersecurity depends on appropriate and sufficient ICT and telecommunication network security solutions established by every actor operating in the cyber world. Various collaborativearrangements and exercises advance and support their implementation.

4. The approach for the implementation of cyber security is based on efficient and wide-ranginginformation-collection, an analysis and gathering system as well as common and sharedsituation awareness, national and international cooperation in preparedness. This requires the establishment of a Cyber Security Centre as well as the development of 24/7 informationsecurity arrangements for the entire society.

5. Cyber security arrangements follow the division of duties between the authorities, businessesand organisations, in accordance with statutes and agreed cooperation. Rapid adaptabilityas well as the ability to seize new opportunities and react to unexpected situationsdemand strategic agility awareness and compliance from the actors as they keep developingand managing the measures which are aimed at achieving cyber security.

6. Cyber security is being constructed to meet its functionaland technical requirements. In addition to national action, inputs are being made into international cooperation as well as participation in international R&D and exercises. The implementation of cyber security R&D and education at different levels does not only strengthen national expertise, it also bolsters Finland as an information society.Cyber security development will heavily invest in cyber research and development as wellas in education, employment and product development so that Finland can become one ofthe leading countries in cyber security.

7. In order to ensure cyber security development, Finland will see to it that appropriate legislationand incentives exist to support the business activities and their development in thisfield. Basic know-how in the field is gained through business activity.

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