Finnish Policy on Domestic Violence

Prevention of domestic violence has ascended on the Finnish political agenda since the 1980s. It became even more visible in the late 1990s when the results of the first dedicated violence against women survey was published (1998) and a 5-year project (1998-2002) for the prevention of violence against women and prostitution was launched.

In 2006, the government adopted a decision in principle on a national programme for reduction of violence. The programme covers all essential types of violence, including violence against women and domestic violence (for an abridged version of the draft programme in English, see After the Parliamentary elections in early 2007 the new government declared prevention of violence in the family and in intimate relations one of the priorities of the ongoing national programme for internal security.

The government decision for reduction of violence mentions several measures to prevent violence against women. Various ministries are charged with carrying out the measures, but also NGOs are called upon to contribute. ....