Finnish Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation


Prostitution is not a crime in Finland, but selling or buying sexual services in public places is criminalised. Prostitutes are mainly considered to be victims of sex business and in need of social services. Pandering/procuring (pimping; benefiting economically from another persons prostitution) or buying sexual services from a minor (under 18) or from a victim of sex business (trafficking in human beings or procuring) is criminalised. These laws are the results of a debate in which opinions varied from supporting legalization of sex business to demands to criminalise its customers. In 2005, the government proposed a general criminalisation of buying sexual services, but the Parliament adopted the compromise mentioned.


A number of civil services, including the different ministries, the Police, customs, border control, and immigration are working in co-operation with the church and relevant NGOs to prevent trafficking. The National Plan of Action against Trafficking in Human Beings came into force in 2005. Consequently central officials have drawn up their own plans of action. Click to access the National Plan. More.

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