Flower Theatre

Conducting a joint prevention initiative for interactive puppet theatre show among children on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The project aims to break the traditional form of the "Educational theatre" and create a new form of interactive activities with children. The initiative is implemented by theatre "Flower" and National Police Chief Directorate and it covers 15 schools.

The joint project aims to analyze the aggression in schools and in particular towards marginalized groups. The goal is the problem to be displayed through a forum theatre, as the audience is a participant in the show and is invited to play and offer solutions. The forum theatre offers viewers different solutions to problematic situations in safe environment. As a partner, the Ministry of Interior assists with the inclusion of a uniformed officer who supplies information on the aid the police can offer to prevent violence in schools, The police officer is present at the time of the play. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Interior helps to develop texts for preventive and informational materials on the aggression in schools.


- National Police Chief Directorate
- Non profit association Theatre "Flower"


The project started in April 2015 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.


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