The Office of Justice is a partner in an EU project called “Form a Chain to Safeguard Children” which is funded by the European Commission under the programme for Prevention of and Fight against Crime. The general objective of this project is to support a more effective European joint approach to safeguard families and especially children by law enforcement officers and other agencies.

Domestic violence is an issue with which many services and organisations are confronted. This makes the approach to child abuse and domestic violence a multidisciplinary matter. This project offers guidance on how to collaborate effectively to safeguard children, offers a training that will equip law enforcement officers and other agencies with the necessary knowledge and skills, and offers an online environment as a platform of practice and for information sharing and case management.

The project is being implemented in close collaboration with various experts from organisations based in Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary (the Office of Justice), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The project developed a blended training course, which can be followed anytime, as a group or as an individual.

Under this project, on the 15-16 April, Office of Justice coordinated a 2 day pilot training on violence and abuse on a basic or advanced level, and training on how to successfully collaborate. Target groups were police officers, prosecutors, judges, victim support officers, child protection workers, health visitors.

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The Project started in June 2013 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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