German policy on drugs

In 2017, drug crime has increased for the seventh year in a row. From the large individual amounts of illegal drugs seized we can conclude that supply and demand remain as high as ever. In 2017, there was a major increase in particular in cocaine-related offences, and the amount of illegal drugs seized quadrupled. By far largest number of drug offences – almost two-thirds – is related to cannabis. The steady increase in cannabis-related offences and the amounts seized continued in 2017. The overall number of cannabis plantations secured by the police in Germany has once again significantly dropped. Despite this drop, indoor cannabis cultivation in Germany, in addition to imports from abroad, continues to be highly relevant. The smaller overall amount of heroin seized in 2017 should not be interpreted as a decline in heroin trafficking and use. The steady increase in the overall amount of synthetic drugs seized and in the number of related trafficking offences shows that this area continues to be relevant. Amphetamines are the second most widespread narcotic after cannabis. The number of offences related to Ecstasy once again significantly increased in 2017 as well. Also the amount of crystal meth seized in 2017 increased, reaching an all-time high. The drug continues to be most widespread in the eastern federal states close to the Czech Republic. New psychoactive substances (NPS) keep emerging on the drugs market. The New Crime prevention policy EU- priority Drug trafficking
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Psychoactive Substances Act (Neue-psychoaktive-Stoffe-Gesetz, NpSG) was adopted in 2016 to counter this development by introducing provisions governing specific groups of substances. However, there are still substances on the market which are subject to neither narcotics law nor the NpSG. In Germany, the production of synthetic drugs remains at a low level. Drug trafficking is mostly organized internationally. The Internet has become another common channel of distribution. Drug delivery by mail continues to increase accordingly