German Policy on Robbery

According to the constitution of Germany, the Länder (states) are responsible for law enforcement within their territory. Thus each of the 16 German Länder can have its own strategy for preventing robbery. However, the Länder come together and share views within the Committee on Crime Prevention. In this forum, the Länder agreed to designate Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as lead state on robbery.

Apart from technical security measures, the most important approach to fighting robbery is teaching potential victims how to react appropriately. The German police provides the following recommendations:

  • Muggers often attack in dark and secluded areas. Avoid those places and take a main road, even if it might be a longer way to walk.
  • Never count cash in public. When withdrawing large sums of money, ask a neighbour, friend or relative to accompany you: Perpetrators are often discouraged when they feel observed.
  • Handbags should never be left unattended. ID, credit and EC cards should be carried in different pockets of ones clothing.

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