German Policy on Vehicle crime

According to the Federal Republic of Germanys constitution, the Länder (states) are responsible for law enforcement within their territory. Thus each of the 16 German Länder can in principle have its own strategy for preventing vehicle crime. However, the Länder come together and share views within the Committee on Crime Prevention. In this forum, the Länder agreed to assign Lower Saxonys Criminal Police Office (LKA) lead responsibility on vehicle crime.

Police prevention activities concentrate in particular on theft of cars and theft from cars.

The police regularly share information with carmakers, which incorporate police information in developing mechanical and electronic security features for cars.

  • The police also conduct targeted public information campaigns in the media and distribute relevant informational materials (flyers, posters, etc.) to raise public awareness, thereby helping to reduce this type of crime.
  • Every day, goods worth several billion euros are transported via the trans-European road network (TEN-R), which constitutes a cornerstone of the EU economy. Criminals are also well aware of this fact: Theft of transport lorries and/or their cargo costs the EU transport industry billions of euros each year.

As a first step, a flyer was developed to increase awareness among lorry drivers.

In cooperation with associations of Industry and Insurance, the State Office of Criminal Investigation Lower Saxony (LKA), Department for Crime Prevention, in a second step has developed a booklet for freight carrier, managing clerks and lorry drivers.

This booklet included information and checklists for those different contacts, with a view to reduce severally the risk to become victim by theft of goods in transit and losing freight loads by criminal misuse of freight brokers.

The booklet can be downloaded here.

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