Greek awareness campaign on phone scams

Regarding the crime of fraud and especially phone scams, the Hellenic Police has launched an awareness Campaign, which is consisted of the following actions:

  • Useful advice and information for civilians are available on the Hellenic Police official website (, regarding prevention measures.
  • A brochure, containing useful advice and practices for avoiding victimization was issued, distributed to the public and put in display on prominent places inside Police Departments, as well as in other public places (City Halls, Banks, Post Offices etc.).
  • Two relevant informative spots were broadcasted on television and radio.
  • The abovementioned brochure and tv spot are also available on the official website and the official social media accounts of the Hellenic Police. ( and (
  • Cases concerning criminal acts of fraud and new threats and methods are made known to the public by the use of the media.
  • Public lectures were prosecuted, in cooperation with local and church authorities, for the purpose of informing the attendants of the methods used by criminals regarding phone scams.


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