Greek Policy on Domestic Violence

The Ministry of Public Order and Greek Police work together to confront domestic violence in Greece. 

The Project Management Team for Planning the Policy against Crime (PMT-PPC) was set up at the Ministry of Public Order in January 2002. The team is chaired by the Head of Public Security, while official agents as well as members from the academic world also take part in this team.

In accordance with the founding decision, this team is set up in order to put in place a reasonable framework of action for the policy against crime and to conduct basic and applied research in the field of anti-criminal policy. This has led to the production of a domestic violence handbook for the police service and a new legislative framework being established (which covers domestic violence) that came into force in January 2007.  

About the integrated policy
About the Domestic Violence Handbook

Contact details:
Mrs Antonia Andreakou
Police Lieutenant Colonel
Ministry of Public Order

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