Growing conscious and responsible citizens

In the last years the rules appear meaningless and the consensus towards criminal organizations increases among young offenders. This is the background of a project of legal education developed by two NGO, La Quercia (Trieste) and Aracon (Udine), affiliated to LIBERA Associazioni Nomi e Numeri contro le mafie and the Juvenile Justice Social Service (Trieste). Started in 2009, the project, which involves about 15 young offenders (above all probationers) a year, has a circular structure that can be summed by three key words:

    - Meeting: people who fight against all kind of mafia; groups of peers who are involved in the same program

    - Knowledge: newspapers, books, videos, local and national conferences and the audition of relatives mafia victims are used to understand the meaning of laws. In this way young offenders can reflect about their own offence and its consequences

    - Work: the young offenders are involved in the organization of local and national meetings and in the community interventions (in the confiscated mafia properties). At the end of the personal program they witness their own experience and they involved other young people in the program.

Outcome: the consensus towards laws and legal behaviours increases; the probations end successfully; the recidivism reduces.


Elisabetta Kolar - Ufficio di Servizio Sociale per i Minorenni di Trieste ;

Stefano Scorzato - cooperativa La Quercia Triest


The project started in 2009 and is still running.
Last review: January 2015.