Help for Women Who Suffered Domestic Violence and for Their Family Members

The project Help for Women Who Suffered Domestic Violence and for Their Family Members has been implemented by the Kaunas District Women Crisis Centre (KDWCC) in 2005–2007. The Project has been financed by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania and Kaunas city municipality.

A remarkable progress has been made in Lithuania acknowledging domestic violence as a national level problem and 15th of December 2011 law protecting from domestic violence became effective. According to the law, functions of specialised help centres were given to the NGOs of Lithuania.

KDWCC is the main organization in Kaunas region providing services for the victims of domestic violence and working in the field of violence control (preventive and educational activities, women’s rights protection, etc.) The specialists of KDWCC are competent to provide help for the victims of violence and for the abusers, and to pursue preventive activities. KDWCC has sufficient material facilities, work experience, a team of specialists having high qualifications, a programme of help for the families tested in practice, methodology of assessment of efficiency of work. During the long period high number of clients shows that confidence in KDWCC specialists and their work is growing, and that there is a growing need to solve a problem of domestic violence. KDWCC has a huge practical experience in working with the victims of domestic violence. For many years KDWCC has been working according to the Flemings model of short-time therapy of problem-solving. It is a successful method of work, which is being applied in providing help for the victims of domestic violence.

KDWCC co-operates with Denmark NGO Askovgaarden in implementing Dialog Against Domestic Violence (DADV) program in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Belarus. KDWCC developed and implemented more than 80 projects which were financed not only by the institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, but also by the EU structural funds, the Open Society Fund (OSF), Baltic-American Partnership Program (BAPP), the World Bank, Global Women Fund, Mama Cash Fund, PHARE Programme, Ministry of Social Security and Labour, EQUAL, Kaunas city municipality, Lithuanian Youth Council, EEA and Norway grants, Nordic Council of Ministers and others. KDWCC is a member of various associations and coalitions.

With the aim to influence decisions of local authorities KDWCC is a member of the Union of Social NGOs of Kaunas District, on the state level – a member of coalition ‘No for Domestic Violence’, also a member of the EU association LOBBY. Activities of KDWCC is being appreciated and supported by Kaunas city municipality and community. During many years of activities KDWCC has gained our clients and communities confidence.

While communicating with the women who suffered domestic violence it become clear that to help women we also have to work with their partners. That is how a new programme of working with men who committed acts of domestic violence appeared in the framework of the Project. Until then no one worked with the abusers. It was a new programme in Lithuania in 2005.

In July 2017 KDWCC launched a new project funded by Kaunas city municipality “Complex care for families under crisis and social risk families (persons), psychosocial support for persons who are or planning to become patrons, foster parents, promotion of adoption or custody of the children who have lost parental care”. The project aims at providing complex assistance for families of Kaunas city community that are not able to overcome family crisis.




The project started in 2005 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.


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