Hungarian policy on drugs

Hungary’s National Anti-Drug Strategy 2013-20, entitled ‘Clear consciousness, sobriety and the fight against drug crime’, focuses on illicit drugs and was adopted in 2013. It is based on five core values: the right to life, human dignity and health; personal and community responsibility; community action; cooperation; and an evidence base. The strategy addresses three areas of intervention: (i) health development and drug prevention; (ii) treatment, care and recovery; and (iii) supply reduction. The strategy outlines indicators for monitoring its implementation and the organisations responsible for collecting information. The related policy programme is an action plan that supports the implementation of the strategy and was adopted by the government by a decree in 2015.

Like other European countries, Hungary evaluates its drug policy and strategy using ongoing indicator monitoring and specific research projects. In the past, external interim and final evaluations of the first national drug strategy, for 2000-09, have been undertaken.

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