Hungarian Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation

Acts promoting sexual exploitation seriously infringe human rights and human dignity, moreover represent both a social and an economic problem and are often related to the cases of legal and illegal migration. On the side of the offenders these crimes are involved in the fight against organised crime, only the victims fall within the competency of community crime prevention.

In order to prevent becoming a victim of sexual exploitation the National Strategy for Community Crime Prevention contains measures within the priority: Prevention of victimisation, supporting and compensating victims.

The Strategy urges the necessity of organising informative programmes and campaigns for potential victims. It underlines the importance of cooperation and coordination between governmental and civil organisations in promoting institutional protection in order to provide crisis-intervention services and special shelters.

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The National Strategy against Trafficking in Human Beings (2013-2016) mainly addresses victim identification, investigation, prosecution, prevention and providing assistance to victims. The essential objective of the strategy is to roll back all manifestations of violence present in Hungary as a destination country, source country or transit country, from the external or internal points of view, including the comprehensive specification of tasks and challenges arising from the government’s responsibility for the victims of human trafficking and the finding of the suitable responses to these.

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