I have a choice

Crime prevention project “I HAVE A CHOISE” was created in response to serious problems in local community. The problems were recorded by the citizens, who turned to the police, who connected interested social stakeholders with the aim of eliminating the problems from the community or reducing the impact of the problems on the community. The project is one of the few that has passed the test phase, which is based on scientific foundations, with proven effectiveness and evaluations conducted by independent evaluators. The project focuses on problem families using methods of focusing on risk factors. The ultimate goal is to develop a relationship of trust between the police and young people and to break the chain of hate that they inherited from their parents. Due to its quality, the project has evolved from the local level to the national level and is being implemented in all environments that have indications for deviant and antisocial behavior of young people.


The formal start of the project was June 14, 2012.
The project is still being implemented in the Republic of Croatia, on a national level.

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