IAVE Project: Specific Victim Investigation and Support

The National Republican Guard (GNR) recognizes the crimes committed against women, children, elderly people, disabled and other particularly vulnerable victims as some of the most sensitive issues within the framework of criminal investigation. On one hand, these types of crimes are interrelated with the shame felt by the victims, the re-victimization due to police investigations efforts and the special susceptibility of its victims.

On the other end, in many cases the victims are unaware of the legal framework, their rights and institutional supports available. In a special complex context the major (and most demanding) challenge for criminal investigators focuses on the ways to obtain evidence in order to clarify the crime circumstances, its causes and its results, without forgetting the accountability due to their alleged perpetuators.

This project, which stems from an existing practice and high maturity, has two main concerns: (i) the domestic violence exist in every society and it’s a key aspect of the law enforcement agencies in a daily basis and (ii) the law enforcement agencies lack operational response instruments to effectively tackle this criminal reality.


Colonel Amândio Manuel de Jesus Marques, Criminal Investigation Director of the Republican National Guard,


Last review: October 2017.