iGloss@1.0 – Online Deviant Behaviour Lexicon

iGloss@1.0 – Online Deviant Behaviour Lexicon


iGloss@ 1.0 is a useful consultation instrument created by Juvenile Justice Department, and by the IFOS, Master’s Degree in Clinical Criminology.

The glossary is a compendium of specialist terms covering cyber crimes and abuse and at risk digital activities.

Each term defined within “iGloss@” provides a brief explanation of the main features of the behaviour and a brief note concerning the socio-legal elements. One of the main aims of the project is child protection, because they can as easily become bad actors as well as victims. Because of this, some entries of the glossary concerning abusive behaviour and victimization risk provide a more comprehensive description.

This product, edited by Luca Pisano, Isabella Mastropasqua and Valeria Cadau was produced with the collaboration of several national\international experts, is endorsed by WiredSafety Inc., the American organisation founded by Dr. Parry Aftab, the worldwide-known expert of digital security.

Sponsored by Google Italy and by the Italian Association of Judges dedicated to Children and Family (


The Project started in September 2014 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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