Infos à Gogo - Prevention of juvenile delinquency

Infos à Gogo - Prevention of juvenile delinquency


This project is a socially-oriented association located in the 15th district of Marseille on the La Maurelette territoire. It assists the young people in two ways:
    • By enabling the young people to obtain diplomas that will enable them to find a job
    • By creating a team of mediators who help out daily as well as during specific events

The young people will then in their turn become mediators for the associations. This will thus renew and continue Infos à Gogo’s mentoring action in the long term.

What is particular about this project is the commitment of the active volunteers from the neighbourhood who pass on the torch. They come to the association as members and participants in the various projects and then become active members. There is therefore a passing down from one generation to another which makes Infos à Gogos a unique point of reference in this very vulnerable area.

In 27 years, several generations have provided mutual assistance to each other and maintained the social link in the neighbourhood.

The main venue for their actions is the Fontainieu Sports Centre, although their volunteers can work in several locations depending on local events (assistance to flood victims in Draguignan, mediation in the area on 14 July because this day is often the occasion of uncontrolled behaviour, vandalism and other offences, school fêtes, neighbourhood fêtes, etc.)




The project started in 1984 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.


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