Integrated Regional Security System in Zlín 2008

One aim of this project was to form a technical and organizational bond between technical support systems of protection of security and public order of the Police of the Czech Republic [PCR], Zlín Municipal Police Department [ZMPD] and other Integrated Security System (ISS) components within the city of Zlín.

Another was to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of previously acquired security technology and to create a new integrated platform of a common image of the situation, technologies and activities. IBS links all available data, optimizes access to information that is relevant at the given moment for the operators decision-making, while maintaining access and integrity of other data, which in the background ascertains logistics, accuracy, timeliness and performance of support operations.

Building the Integrated Safety System in Zlín is, in this context along with other measures, a preventative and repressive process based on situations. It is an effective reaction to the current security situation and influences its improvement in the following areas:

  • Decreasing the number of incidents, and increasing the solving of violent and property crimes
  • Increasing public order and cleanliness of public areas
  • Reducing the number of disturbances of night-time peace
  • Limiting vandalizing attacks on public and private property
  • Limiting unauthorized parking in spaces reserved for handicapped persons
  • Increasing respect to binding provisions of public ordinances
  • Speeding up reactions to reports of emergencies and signals
  • Increasing the effectiveness in using city cameras, improving recordings and making evidence accessible
  • Deepening cooperation and coactivity of law-enforcement components, increasing the effectiveness of their communication with one another, sharing operational activities
  • Creating internal operational and assessment workstations for the Police of the CR, directly accessible for criminologists and investigators, or traffic specialists
  • Protecting and increasing the effect of previous investments in security support technology
  • Increasing effectiveness of the work of law-enforcement components without the demand for new hiring
  • Supporting emergency management with emphasis on warning and informing the population
  • Strengthening the influence on safety and flow of road traffic


Ing. Milan Kladnícek
Chief of Municipal Police Department


The project started in 2008 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020