Irish Policy on Public Perceptions of Safety

Community Policing

An Garda Síochána (The Irish Police Force) have published a Modernisation and Renewal Programme 2016-2021 outlining their mission, direction, plans and challenges spanning a five-year period.  This reflects the changing demands and expectations of citizens, the emerging security and policing challenges requires a programme that will professionalise, modernise and reform Irish Police Service over the next five years to ensure that the Police Service can meet present and future challenges.

The Modernisation and Renewal Programme 2016-2021 places a strong emphasis on further developing and supporting the community policing ethos of the organisation so that Police spend more time in the community, gaining public confidence and trust and providing a greater sense of security.   The Police will develop and support an ethos where every member and civilian staff member, regardless of their rank or grade, regards themselves as a community Police or there to serve their community.

A number of elements of the modernisation programme will deliver tangible benefits to the community, new contact management systems with enhanced call screening services will provide a more efficient response to emergency and non-emergency calls, while new modernised crime management systems will see crimes being investigated more efficiently.

These changes, coupled with increased civilianisation and streamlined processes, will lead to Police spending less time in offices and more time in the community.  The Police Service will establish Community Policing Teams (CPTs) in every District. CPTs will have Police from a number of different disciplines working with the local community to prevent and detect crime.

Contact details:
National Community Policing Office,
Garda Community Relations Bureau,
Garda Headquarters,
Harcourt Square,
Dublin 2.
Telephone: +353 1 666 3806/08/09