Irish Policy on Robbery

Operation Thor

Operation Thor, which was launched by An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Service) 2 November 2015 is a multi-stranded national operation which entails a broad range of activities to tackle burglars, organised crime gangs and prolific offenders as well as working with communities to prevent crime. These activities include: additional high-visibility patrols in identified burglary hot-spots; increased use of checkpoints to tackle the criminal gangs using the national road network; the use of new high powered vehicles by the armed Regional Response Units; efforts to disrupt the stolen goods market; programmes to help reduce re-offending by prolific offenders; a high-profile national crime prevention awareness campaign; and targeted crime prevention advice for local communities and enhanced supports for victims. I am confident that this comprehensive operation by Irish Police, supported by Government investment in police resources and personnel, will disrupt the activities of burglars, organised crime gangs and prolific offenders and will improve the safety of all our communities across the country.

Operation Thor has reported very positive feedback with a significant series of arrests in various locations around the country and charges being brought against numerous individuals. Operation Thor has led to the arrest of particular target suspects in relation to burglary, as well as handling stolen property, possession of firearms and drugs offences, and including arrests connected to crimes committed by mobile criminal groups.

The latest Central Statistics Office crime figures show a very significant decline in property related crime, particularly burglary. This underlines the success that the Irish Police are now having in combating property crime through the targeted strategy which is being implemented under Operation Thor.  The decrease in burglary for the twelve months ending 30 June 2016 is 26.3% compared to the previous twelve-month period. There are also welcome decreases of 12.3% for theft and 11.1% for robbery during the same period.

However, the figures for the first six months of the year show an even greater decrease for burglary. In fact, there were 35.5% less burglaries in the first 6 months of 2016 than in same period of 2015.

Operation Thor has led to concentrated police activity with more than 30,000 crime prevention patrols and in the order of 38,500 targeted checkpoints nationwide. There have also been in the region of 2,500 arrests and 2,900 charges covering a range of offences which, in addition to burglary have included handling stolen property, possession of firearms and drugs offences.

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