Women’s shelter services had been developed in Finland since the 70’s to support the victims of violence but there was no particular support available for perpetrators. Jussi-work started from the assumption that the perpetrator needs support as well in order to manage and for the violence to end.

Jussi-work reduces violence by helping men to stop this harmful behaviour. Furthermore, Jussi-work participates in the general discussion in society and affects the general opinion towards searching help in a crisis. Jussi-work is a part of the wider family-centred service and the method of approach in the membership associations.

Jussi-work supports men to find non-violent ways of problem solving, as well as helping men to live safely with themselves and their families.

Jussi-work provides:
    1. Help in a crisis (in situation of domestic violence helps men to recover)
    2. Therapeutic discussions (opportunity for long-term work one-on-one or in group)
    3. Counselling and guidance (by assessing and finding fresh options for support and help)


Santtu Salonen
Miestyön Kehittämiskeskus
Ensi- ja turvakotien liitto / Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters


The project started in 1994 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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