Dotyk – Slovak Crisis Centre has focused on solving issues of securing children from orphanages through project JUVENIL.  These children, in almost 90% of cases, get into problems linked with criminal environment after their departure from orphanages and integration into society. The project was innovative in the sense of cooperation not only with the direct management of the orphanages, but mostly in the engagement of the children themselves who themselves spread education and enlightenment about the issues of human trafficking. An analysis of the problem of integration of children into society was made from the project’s output information, which is available to anyone who is interested in addressing the issue. The prevention was based on personal communication with the orphans and the educational and pedagogical staff of orphanages in terms of educational activities. It was a summary of activities, initiatives and a strategy that would knew how to set up elements of active protection of the most vulnerable group – orphans. It is a small low-cost project, for which the organisation received support.


SKC Dotyk
Beckov 87, 916 38, Beckov, Slovakia
Tel.: +421 903 704 784


Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
Information Centre for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Crime Prevention
Pribinova 2, 812 72  Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel.: 00421/2/48592703 (07, 08)


The project started in 2010 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.