Katujen yö 2002 (Night of the Streets)

The aim was to calm down the end of school year weekend which in Finland is often associated with young people’s vast alcohol consumption. This often causes public disturbances and other problems. In addition, binge drinking is a health risk for youngsters. Due to the previous year’s fatal events in Kerava it was decided in 2002 to take a joint responsibility of young people and organise them diverse activities which did not involve alcohol and other intoxicants. The programme consisted of various sports events, barbeques and movies among others and of a larger event – free concert where local bands took the stage. In addition, parents and organisations patrolled on the streets until the small hours as it was hoped that young people’s partying – and inevitable drinking – would happen under control. The visibility of parents calmed down the celebrations and brought a sense of security to the youths. The police also exercised strengthened control. The free food and free non-alcoholic beverages held back the levels of intoxication. According to the organizers and participants the project was successful in calming down the weekend. The two day event has now become a yearly practice in Kerava and it has increased the feeling of safety among residents.


The project started in 2002 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.


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