« La Montagne comme école de vie » (Mountain as a school of life)

High mountain can be used as an exceptional and original social mediation tool when working with youngsters at risk of committing a crime or of reoffending. It is a very imposing natural environment that most of these youngsters do not know and which compels them to adopt a different behaviour. They discover capacities they didn't know they had.

Another important notion is the need to respect strict rules - in particular with regards to security. Lastly, by spending five to six days in the mountain together with mountain professionals, they learn to establish a relation of trust with adults.

Mountain is seldom used for educational activities because it is a difficult environment. Our association uses the mountain as a tool for educational activities, particularly through sports, in order to foster integration and prevent risky behaviours among young offenders.

"En Passant Par la Montagne" (EPPM) - "Going Through the Moutain"- is an association created in 1995, the purpose of which is to allow young people in a difficult situation to find the motivation to go ahead by participating in mountain activities. EPPM acts as an intermediary between social workers and mountain professionals. The association helps youngsters with a "difficult" background to practice mountain sports, and teaches them to respect a set of rules.


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The project started in 1995.
Last review: September 2015.


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