Latvian policy on cybercrime

Objectives and tasks of combating cybercrime are set out in the rules of the Section (Section 3 of the Economic Crime Combating Bureau of the GKrPP).

1. Plan, coordinate and take measures to prevent and detect criminal offenses and other offenses related to1.1 the security (availability, confidentiality, integrity) of automated data processing systems (hereinafter -ADPS) for online;1.2 use of ADPS for online data security threats;1.3. Illegal activities in the area of electronic payment systems, i.e .:1) the illegal use, distribution, production of counterfeit, alien, alienated electronic means of payment;2) the acquisition, distribution and use of data, software and equipment for the illegal activities of electronic payment instruments, incl. internet environment;1.4 Violation of pornographic material circulation rules online that describes or depicts the sexual exploitation of children;1.5 protection of intellectual property (including illegal distribution of audiovisual content);

2. conducts preliminary investigation and preliminary investigation of criminal proceedings according to the competence of the department;

3. Performs Internet monitoring within the scope of competence;

4. performs operational analysis in criminal cases and operational accounting cases, analysis of crime status, incl. carries out criminal intelligence in the areas competent for the department;

5. coordinates and supervises the work of the territorial police departments of the State Police, as well as provides methodological and practical assistance in these areas

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