Lithuanian Policy on Domestic Violence

It is stated by the researches that in public men suffer from the violence more often, but women more often suffer from violence in the family. Generally domestic violence in Lithuania is perceived as violence against women. 

For several last years, domestic violence has been one of the top legislative priorities of the Government and Seimas.  At the end of year 2006 the National Strategy for Reduction of Violence Against Women and every second year - its implementation Plans were adopted. These core documents seek to reduce violence against women in the family by complex means (legislative, complex aid, prevention, institutional development, and working with violators).

In March 2009 the working group has been established to prepare special Draft Law on Protection on domestic violence to ensure proper legislative protection for the victims of violence in the families. It was adopted in May 2011, came in to force in December 2011. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour is responsible for coordination activities. The mechanism of its implementation is being framed under the interdisciplinary commission of several ministries: when a victim reports about domestic violence case, investigation starts immediately and a police officer is directing the victim to the Center of the social support (founded by the Ministry of social welfare and labor), which is providing the informational, psychological and legal support.

Public security policy department of MoI is hosting a web-site  for persons who have experienced violence. Here is relevant legal and other educational information, researches and statistics.  This site helps to find tips on how to identify the type of violence, where to turn for help (to find crisis centers and other organizations that provide assistance to victims of domestic violence, contacts, free phone numbers that provide information and psychological support and other useful links). People are able to ask questions.

Contact details: special e-mail of Police Department under the MOI for DV situations or related problems)
(specialists in this field in Police Department under the MOI)
(Ministry of Social Security and Labour)
(a MoI network for victims of violence)