Lithuanian Policy on Public perception of safety

Safety from crime is an important part of the overall safe society definition.  In Lithuania the term "feeling of safety" is more common than the term "fear of crime". It combines public perception of the situation of crime, the possibility to become a victim of crime and assessment of effectiveness of law enforcement. However perception of safety may be influenced by other social or economic factors.

The long-term Development Strategy of the State of Lithuania now is under the revision and is planned to be adopted in the near future.

In 1997 and 2005-2010 and 2013 public opinion surveys were conducted. Those surveys were ordered by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. The purpose of the study was to identify the most important problems of Lithuanian residents, evaluation of criminogenic situation and perception of safety. One of the aims of the survey was compare how evaluation was changed over the past decade.

In 2005 - 2010 public opinion surveys about police were conducted. Those surveys were ordered by Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior. The purpose of the study was to estimate the residents atitude towards police and its activity at the level of the country. At the same period surveys orderef by county police headquarters at regional level were conducted.

In 2011 - 2012 sociological survey  “Lithuanian residents trust in the law enforcement authorities and the factors affecting it” by Vilnius university researchers was conducted. The porpose of the study was the comprehensive analysis of how co-exist and are mutually determined  several social phenomenons: people's attitude towards the law enforcement authorities and (no)confidence in law enforcement agencies, their sense of safety, fear of crime and attitudes to criminal penalties. The results of the study are published in: Dobryninas A., Drakšienė A. Gaidys V., Vileikienė E., Žilinskienė L. “The profiles of trust in Lithuanian enformecement authorities”. Vilnius, Vilnius University Press, 2012.

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