Lithuanian Policy on Robbery

According to Lithuanian penal law, the robbery is particular major crime described as unlawful activity against property belonging to other person by use of violence or threats.

This crime amounts approximately 5-6 percent of the total number of registered criminal offences in Lithuania during recent years and it constantly decreases from the year 2005.

There is no single policy on prevention of this particular crime. Taking into consideration that the robbery is violent and at the same time property crime, the national policy against this phenomenon is partly described in the National Crime Prevention and Control Programme, which sets strategic provisions on prevention and control of crimes of violence and property crime. Accordingly, the measures linked against violent and property crimes are provided in specific governmental programs, such as National Program on Prevention of Violence Against Children or Complex Program on Prevention and Control of Thefts of Motor Vehicles.

Bearing in mind the danger of this kind of crime to the society and feeling of insecurity it pose, on the operational level robbery remains as one of the underlying fields of police day-to-day work.

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