Lithuanian Policy on Youth crime

Though the number of investigated criminal offences, committed by juveniles or with their participation has been decreasing since 2004 as well as the number of convicted juveniles per 100 000 population has been decreasing since 2000. Nevertheless, the youth crime remains the matter of constant concern in the society. The number of juveniles (14-17 years old) charged with criminal offences from 2005 to 2012 has decreased around 34 percent.

State policy concerning youth crime has been described in main laws (laws on basic rights, child minimal and medium care, penal, criminal procedure, administrative, etc.) and several national programs with regard to delinquent juveniles and to juveniles as victims of crime.

The Programme on Juvenile Justice for 2009-2013 was adopted by the Government. It aims continuation of development of Juvenile Justice System: to improve targeted, long-term and comprehensive juvenile justice system, to identify and implement more differentiated measures for  juveniles who are in different risk groups, to improve quality of social and re-socialization services.

Bullying in schools, violence against children, other reasons and preconditions of crime and victimization among youth are targeted by the National Programme on the Assistance to Children and the Prevention of Violence Against Children for 2011-2015. Its a logical extension of the previous 2008-2010 Program. The main purpose of the 2011-2015 Program -  to predict complex measures for elimination of violence against children and its manifestation.  

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, taking into account the fact that in the area of child welfare there are no general principles based upon which it would be possible to bring about consistent reforms and mindful of the fact that the concept of state policy on child welfare is an initial step in the implementation of the comprehensive protection of the child and his welfare as one of the functions of State responsibility in 2003 approved the Concept of state policy on child welfare. The goal of the Concept of State Policy on Child Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the Concept) is to reach a political understanding regarding the values and provisions governing child welfare and to foresee the guidelines of implementation of child welfare. The Concept serves as an insight into the future of the policy on child welfare. Guided by the Concept, consistently implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Consistent reforms are being brought about and strategies, plans of implementation and amendments to laws and subordinate legislation are being developed.

The Law on Minimum and Medium Child Care meats the needs, the rights and legitimate interests of public safety concerning children with behavioral problems in socialization, education, education and other assistance for the child's minimum-and medium-care system to help the child overcome the behavior disorders, to develop meaningful personal and public life.

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