Local Civil Neighborhood Watch - Miestna Občianska Poriadkova Služba (MOPS)

Local Civil Neighborhood Watch is an initiative of the Office of the Plenipotentiary for Roma communities currently financed from European structural funds and state budget. The Watch should facilitate the communal life in the municipality. The activities of the Watch include help in keeping order and safety within the community and the wider municipality, bridge communication gaps between the municipality and the members of the community, accompanying children on the way to school and back etc, assisting with public events. The project aims to employ Roma directly from community. Currently, 710 out of the total number of 820 members of the Watch are Roma.

The original budget for this project was set to 10 million EUR, funded by European structural funds. The popular demand, however, far exceeded this budget. The Office of the Plenipotentiary together with the Ministry of Interior of Slovak republic therefore realigned resources and set the final budget to 19 million EUR, two million of which are from the state budget. This doubled the originally planned number of municipalities that could participate. aim of the Office of Plenipotentiary is to mainstream this project at the end of the programming period and integrate the members of the Watch in the Slovak Police force after the three year funding period.