Media and educational campaign “STOP cyberbullying”

The nationwide campaign “STOP cyberbullying” was carried out by Nobody’s Children Foundation (NCF), a leading Polish child welfare NGO. According to the research conducted by the Nobody’s Children Foundation and Gemius Agency every second Polish Internet user aged 12-17 (52%) has had some contact with verbal abuse on the Web or via mobile phones.

Media campaign comprised TV and radio spots, and press advertisement. In educational context the campaign offered a 2-minute video, which shows the perspective of the victim, bully and the bystander, a lesson plan, teacher’s guidebook, and a Training Manual “How to respond to cyberbullying”.

Project objectives:

  • Increasing teachers’ and junior high students’ parents knowledge of important aspects of cyberbullying, such as:

    - Forms of cyberbullying and Internet services that might be used to harass others;
    - Psychological, social and technological motives of cyberbullying;
    - Characteristics of the perpetrator, victim and bystander;
    - Consequences of cyberbullying for all above;
    - Links between cyberbullying and law;
    - Methods of preventing cyberbullying

  • Implementing educational standards in schools:

    - Specific definitions for harassment, intimidation and bullying;
    - Procedures for preventing cyberbullying (workshops, staff training, curriculum enhancements).

  •  Raising children’s and young people’s awareness of the problem of cyberbullying, with special focus on:

    - Consequences of cyberbullying for victim and perpetrator;
    - Links between cyberbullying and law;
    - The role and responsibility of bystanders of cyberbullying;
    - Methods of reacting and seeking help in cases of bullying.

  • Developing anti-cyberbullying school policies based on cooperation with which would cover:

    - Consequences and remedial actions;
    - Procedures for reporting;
    - Procedures for investigating.

  • Promoting the services of, where children, parents and professionals can raise their concerns about different dangerous situations that young Internet users encounter online.

TV spot (with English subtitles):
2-minutes video:


Agnieszka Wrzesien, Project Coordinator, Nobody’s Children Foundation
ul. Obronców 10
03-933 Warsaw, Poland
Tel. +48 22 616 02 68


The project started in 2008.
Last review: November 2015.


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