Men ending domestic abuse (MEND)

Men ending domestic abuse (MEND)


The MEND programme provides a challenging but safe space for men to get support to change their abusive behaviour. It works in a radical way with men to develop skills and insights that will enable them to change their behaviour so that their lives and the lives of those they love can be free from the tyranny of violence and abuse. Next to this, it also provides a service for the partners or ex-partners of the men on the programme.

Currently, four programmes are operating and comprise the following stages:   

  1. Initial screening and risk assessment   
  2. One to one work as appropriate for those who pass the initial screening   
  3. An intervention programme of 32 weeks. Referrals are made to the programmes by courts, probation officers, social workers, healthcare workers, spouses or partners of the men or the men themselves.

The programmes are designed to make changes in both cognitive thinking and behaviour of the men who attend them with the aim of:   

  1. Helping men stop being violent and abusive   
  2. Helping them learn how to relate to their partners in a respectful and equal way   
  3. Showing them non-abusive ways of dealing with difficulties in their relationships and cope with their anger   
  4. Keeping their partners safe from further violent and abusive behaviour.


The South East Domestic Violence Intervention Programme (SEDVIP), under the management of the Men’s Development Network (MDN)
Co-ordinator: John Doyle,


The project started in 2002 and is still running.
Last review: September 2017.