Monitor - organised property crime

Monitor organised property crime

This monitor will describe the policy of the EU Member States on Organised Property Crime (OPC). Property Crimes can be committed by common criminals, but can also be the part of the activities of Organised Crime Groups. Namely since Law Enforcement Agencies  often treat incidents as isolated evens, investing them only locally. This reduces the likelihood of efficient countermeasures.

The purpose of this monitor is to show differences and similarities within the approaches of the Member States. Firstly, we take a look at the definitions of OPC in the different Member States. Secondly, we give an overview of the initiatives taken to counter the opportunities Organised Crime Groups benefit from the lack of internal borders in the Schengen zone. Thirdly, we take a closer look at actions that aim to prevent OPC by informing citizens how they can protect themselves. Finally, we highlight some initiatives to prevent proceeds of serious and organised crime.

EUCPN Secretariat, March 2020, Brussels


Table of contents

1. The definition of organised property crimes
2. Crime prevention initiatives

2.1 Limit the movements of organised crime groups
2.2 Preventive measures and campaigns aimed at citizens
2.3 Revenue

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