Municipal Programme for Prevention of Cyberbulling and Internet Addiction

Cyberbullying has many faces – bullying, threats, identity theft, harassment. Gdynia self-government was the first in the country and one of the first internationally to take comprehensive action to combat this problem.

Under the programme, an information campaign was organised in Gdynia media and transport, a conference for employees of educational institutions and free consultations with psychologists and IT specialists. A website was launched, which contains, i.a., a test for computer and Internet addiction, mini-guides on actions to prevent cyberbullying and to help its victims. Workshops were also held for pupils, training sessions for parents and teachers. There was also a social media campaign, an international conference and a survey of students.

Simultaneously, experiments were conducted to show possibilities of being offline. In the next programme’s edition, ac tivities targeting Internet addiction were added. The target group of the programme was expanded to include nursery school children, their parents and seniors.


The project started in 2015 as a three-year programme.
It was later continued and at the same time extended for the years 2018-2020, and the 2021-2023 edition is currently under development.

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