My neighbour is the policeman!

06 December 2018


My neighbour is the policeman! project is a local government project, implemented by the Public Security Non-profit Ltd. of Zugló (ZKNP), aimed at supporting and appreciating the local police officers’ work in District 14 (Zugló) of Budapest.

The policemen have been provided with high-value infrastructural devices and distributable material containing direct contact information and photographs, which were presented in a communication campaign, as well. In the next stage, the project focussed on creating a public security network with the help of Police Café, a community creative technique. The local police officers and the representatives of civil communities and professional bodies create the problem map together, and look for solutions for the unique and specific problems arising.

A primary objective of the project is to strengthen the trust in the police and demonstrate that the creation and maintenance of public security is a community task, which involves each member of the society.


ECPA entry 2018 HU - My neighbour is the policeman! (presentation)
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