My responsibility is our safety

“Moja odgovornost naša je sigurnost” (eng. My responsibility is our safety) is a prevention-based project, targeting youth – students between 15 and 18 years of age, high-school students, their parents, teachers, but also the local community. It aims to improve the safety of youth, prevent crime related to substance abuse and to raise safety and citizens’ personal sense of security in local community.

This is a project comprising of several interrelated components whose relevant activities are aimed at promoting positive lifestyle as the opposite to vandalism, violence, hooliganism, hate and intolerance.

Project-based prevention activities broaden the perception of youth in relation to their identity; through the spectrum of youth crime prevention, they are empowered to be ready to act responsibly, which is important part of the decision-making process.

Organization wise, this is a very broad and complex Project. However, its successful implementation creates a sense of general satisfaction in celebrating youth and the end of a stage in the life of young generation.


The project started in September 2017 and is running in Varaždin County and will be implemented in the future.

Last review: January 2020

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