National Security Threat Map (NSTM)

National Security Threat Map (NSTM)


The National Security Threat Map stands for a solution that activates the society in a manner unknown before, for the reason that the society should also take responsibility for the condition of security in its living area. The map consists of two equally important parts: the interactive and statistical. the interactive part of NSTM allows for a free of charge, anonymous indication of areas where threat occurs, that in the oppinion of the user does negatively influence the sense of security. The Police does ensure that every such indication will be taken care of with proper seriousness and the effect of this action will be visible on the map. The Police via modern technologies, does reach to a vast population of receivers.

The project was preceded by vast social discussions.

On the basis of propositions reported during discussions about the shape of the NSTM a set of 25 cathegories of most commonly reported threats has been developed.

Popularity of the NSTM (data from 3.08.2018)

Number of openings - 4 568 676.

Number of users - 1 348 712.

Number of indicated threats - 835 305.


The project started in October 2016 and is still running.


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