Neighbourhood Prevention Breda

Neighborhood Prevention Breda is a cooperative in which residents, the police and the municipality work together to increase safety and quality of life in the municipality of Breda. Residents, police and government share a responsibility for safety in neighbourhoods. This makes them partners in safety with a leading role for the residents. Together they share information and follow trends in crime. Every partner is a vital part of the crime prevention system and they together they keep the city safe. The policy of Buurtpreventie Breda is determined by the control group. The control group consists of four residents and a representative of the police and municipality. Residents are thus problem owner. The police and municipality are mainly facilitating. Currently, 86 neighborhood prevention, Flat Alert and Whatsapp groups have already been connected with 3.300 street contact persons and more than 18.000 addresses.


Update:  Next to home burglaries they now also focus on cybersecurity. there is so much content about the methodology that the Township has decided to use it also to reach local entrepreneurs in the field of subversion.


The project started in January 2010and is still running.
Last review: March 2020.


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