Net Cop

Net Cop


The police department AMOW is initiating the battle against cyber bullying on social media. The ‘Net Cop’ will be answering high school students’ questions on her ‘netflik amow’ Facebook page, giving them advice on how to deal with cyber bullying.

Teenagers can send a friend request to the ‘Netflik AMOW’. After the request is accepted the person can talk to her over Facebook’s private messaging system. Then, an evaluation of the message is made and transferred to other organisations as JAC (Youth Advisory Centre), Awel (Child and youth call centre) or other social partners. If things are really serious the youngster is advised to press charges with police. The Net cop can also advise the youngster to better secure their Facebook profile.


The Project started in April 2015 and is still running.
Last review: December 2015.


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